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  • J. Schriever

How your body holds emotional stress and ways to let it go.

This interesting Healthline article examines how our bodies hold emotions in the body.  There are so many correlations between stress and trauma and the physical self. For example, an individual constantly under stress at work might hold the associated emotions inside by bracing shoulder muscles, jaw muscles (clenching the teeth), or holding a physical posture that is better suited to fight off an attacker than sit at a computer station.  Over time, these patterns of stress reactivity and storing emotions in the body can wreak havoc on our physical selves.  Chronic jaw and shoulder tension can lead to tension headaches, back pain, and fatigue.  Biofeedback and Neurofeedback are just two of the different kinds of "tools" that we use at Austin Biofeedback Center that help to re-train the mind and body stress-reactive system, and help our physical selves release "stuck" emotions to feel at peace again. According to the article, we can also release these stuck emotions by acknowleding them, with intentional movement, and by practicing stillness. The article explores how the body holds emotions, and is informative and helpful:



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