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Sandy Wood uses Q-EEG brain map based Neurofeedback and Biofeedback to help clients reach goals.

Sandy Wood

Licensed Professional Counselor


BCIA-Board Certified


    My Story

    Sandy has been a valued member of the clinical team at Austin Biofeedback and Neurotherapy Center since 2006.  She is board-certified in neurofeedback and is a licensed professional counselor specializing in psychophysiology.  Sandy holds a MA in Counseling from St. Edwards University and a BS in Psychology with a focus in Physiology, Biology, and Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin.  From an early age, she had an interest in the health sciences, attending the first magnet high school in the United States, The High School for Health Professions. 


    Sandy’s clinical interests include all aspects of peripheral biofeedback as well as EEG Neurofeedback and other neurotherapies. This integrative approach using multiple modalities allows Sandy to both address mental health challenges as well as help clients reach peak performance goals.


    Sandy is a competitive golfer and active children’s mentor for the First Tee and USGA Girls Golf programs.  These programs focus on teaching children life skills through the game of golf.  Her extensive skill set allows her to work effectively with both children and adults.  By combining counseling techniques and psychophysiology, she helps her clients efficiently reach their goals and improve performance in all aspects of life.

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