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Optimizing Performance: How Neurofeedback Training Unlocks Your Athletic Potential

brain training with neurofeedback for peak athletic performance
Brain Training for Peak Athletic Performance

Neurofeedback is no longer a “secret weapon” for only elite athletes and professional sports teams.  Thanks to television series Quarterback on Netflix, more people are aware of the use of this cutting-edge brain training to help athletes reach levels of peak performance with sharper attention and focus levels, decreased pre-event stress and anxiety, and quicker recovery post game. 

Kirk Cousins talks about his experience with Neurofeedback:

In the television show, NFL starting quarterback Kirk Cousins (Minnesota Vikings) talks about how he has trained with Neurofeedback for peak performance for more than ten years to improve attention, mood regulation, and to decrease reaction time.  In the show, he is shown using a home training neurofeedback system while his brain activity is measured and analyzed in real time as he does his neurofeedback training.  As he watches a YouTube video, his screen dims or brightens based on his focus. Over time, this helps his brain self-regulate and reach and sustain his desired level of sharper focus with more ease.

At Austin Biofeedback and EEG Neurofeedback Center, we have customized peak performance training protocols with athletes for decades, helping improve the ability to stay calm and focused while making decisions. This allows athletes to react quickly and efficiently, while also improving response time, focus, attention, balance, and recovery. With peak performance training, neurofeedback doesn’t focus on alleviating symptoms, it works to improve overall cognitive performance.



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