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  • J. Schriever

Study shows Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback) Improves Visual Working Memory

Brain in gear

An exciting new study published this week in Nature's Science of Learning Journal shows how Neurofeedback can improve visual working memory in healthy individuals. In this study, forty participants each were assigned to either a Neurofeedback training group, or a sham ("fake neurofeedback") group.  The Neurofeedback training group showed significant improvement in visual working memory capacity compared with the sham group (those who received "fake" Neurofeedback training). The researchers specifically showed that Neurofeedback can improve the quantity and quality of visual working memory.  This is yet another possible application of Neurofeedback training for Peak Performance with athletes, students, and anyone who would like to use this technology to help improve functionality.  The study can be found here.



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