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Pioneers of Biofeedback Since 1981

The Gold Standard of Neurotherapy Care

We are one of the nation’s leading neurotherapy centers, providing comprehensive treatments, cutting-edge clinical equipment and unparalleled expertise since 1981. Our holistic approach merges art and science, leading to the best possible outcomes for clients across a range of needs; from treating mood disorders to optimizing executive function and reaching peak athletic performance.

Performance Optimization, Trauma, Mood Disorders and Beyond

Lynda Kirk

Meet Trailblazer Lynda Kirk

She was one of the first women in the world to advance the art and science of neurotherapy in a clinical practice. Her passion for biofeedback and neurofeedback is a story half a century in the making. Learn how she pioneered the industry in the 1970s before founding Austin Biofeedback Neurotherapy Center in 1981.

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What Sets Our Practice Apart

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